Copper vs Aluminum, Effect on A/C Odors

jemdandyDecember 19, 2008

An article was published in "Machine Design" magazine that may be of interest to those of you have been posting in regard to odors from your AC unit.

Machine Design Magazine

"Back to the Future with Copper Brazing"

December 11, 2008, p 50.

The link below takes you to this article.

This article claims that the antimicrobial preperties of copper and copper alloys helps to keep bacteria, fungus, and molds at bay. Aluminum does not. It then delves into the history of materials used for automotive air heater/cooling units, and why many present day units are made of aluminum. This part may be interesting to some of you, or booring to others. It is a detailed account.

This article was authored by Nigel Cotton, a Manager at International Copper Association, and therefore may be biased toward copper by presenting all the positives and none of the negatives for copper. However, I found this article was informative and I believe that the facts presented are true.

Here is a link that might be useful: Copper vs Aluminum for automotive A/C

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Interesting Jem.. Well just have to wait and see what shows up. Although, the heat transfer from aluminum heater cores and evaporator cores, compared to similar size copper ones has proven to be much greater IMO. Greater even to the point where we had a company making copper heater cores to replace the aluminum ones that GM had in their cars the 80's that we ended up having to take back out and go back to the aluminum ones, because the customers simply didn't get enough heat from the copper ones, and there was nothing else wrong.

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