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buckiDecember 26, 2006

I have a 2000 Saturn LS1 and replaced the engine due to a broken timing chain less than 4 weeks ago. Upon turning the key, the headlights, wipers, idiot lights (service engine soon light remains off), and fuel gauge all work. A whirring sound is heard and is thought to be signs of a working fuel pump. Originally thought problem was loose connections to battery from recent engine replacement. However, connections seem ok and battery tests fine. Starter was checked prior to engine replacement and was ok. Since engine replaced, had some problems starting car but seemed to fix it after adjusting battery connections. Could it just be loose cables or a more serious problem?

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This could be many things or one thing.
Anything loose would be the responsility of the repair man.
Miles ?
Last major service ?
I believe the "whirring" sound is the starter turning the flywheel. Unless your hearing is ultra acute, the fuel pump in normally inaudible.
So, if we know that the engine is being spun over, check the fuel and the spark.
Pull one or two plugs..
Dry = no gas
Wet = no electric

The replaced engine , is it a new one, a rebuild, or a used one ?

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The check engine light not working has me thinking one set of potential problems, but the rest of your description suggests the starter isn't cranking the engine. Which in short means you haven't given enough information of what the symptoms are, and what testing has been performed to locate the trouble.

"No Check Engine" lamp suggests that you don't have power to the PCM. The lamp could be burned out/missing, or the PCM could be damaged and unable to control the lamp. Have you hooked up a scan tool, (Not to be confused as a code puller like the parts stores use) and checked for codes, and monitored scan data? Does the engine crank when the key is turned? Have you checked for power to the starter crank terminal, purple wire? If you dont have power there, does this have theft deterrent? If it does, is the security lamp ON, or flashing? Does a vehicle theft deterrent relearn need to be performed? Did this ever start since the time the engine was replaced?

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