New kitchen appliances nearly nailed down (I think)!

BergsMarch 2, 2012

This is a fantastic resource. I drive myself and everyone crazy with my research. Consumer Reports, JD Power, etc., etc. The plan thus far is buy an Electrolux gas cooktop and double oven. I get a little fuzzy on the refrigerator and dishwasher. This affects my decision on whether or not to go with stainless. Though I have not even got a look at the Electrolux yet. We live in a rural area, but I know they are sold around here with Frigidaire. The optional color is black as the cabinets are a little on the dark side. I was going to go with Whirlpool for both of those. Kitchenaid has better warranty you say. AJ Madison reviews have numerous complaints about the french doors not shutting well. Electrolux frig perhaps and Kitchenaid dishwasher? Even if the frig and oven were in stainless being the largest surfaces, the dishwasher wouldn't be as big a deal. This all affects my flooring color and it's on sale now! Also, I'm not sure about ordering appliances on-line vs. in-store. The sales tax savings would be significant! But that's only part of the transaction I know. Help me please!

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We are going with an Electrolux Icon Professional french door fridge with no external ice maker.

As for dishwashers, kitchenaid historically made great dishwashers and I think they are still pretty good. If you want a bit higher end, Bosch and of course Miele would be your choices.

We are ordering all appliances online and as long as you are using a reputable retailer, you should be fine!
Good luck!

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Thanks. Yes, I have read on the forum that the down-fall with Electrolux refrigerators is if it is equipped with an exterior ice & water feature. We are not interested in that feature due to an increase in repairs regardless of brand. The KitchenAid DW had some fires which hopefully have been remedied.

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My best friend has a french door fridge, she just had to have the latest thing when they first came out. She hates it, about half the time she neglects to shut the doors completely, you really have to push them to be sure they're closed. I can't imagine how much money she's wasted in electric bills over the years. Finding items in her freezer is a nightmare - dig dig dig.

By far the most important factor in your decision should be the availability of repairs, parts are a big issue, too. Appliances are not reliable nowadays, I don't care what anyone else says. We live 43 miles from the nearest town and bought from the local appliance store with their own service department. Even so, when I schedule repairs I have to grill them first with, "Does the repairman you're sending really know how to fix X?"

They've finally learned to only send their top guys out here, it costs them too much in mileage to make multiple trips to my house! I'm on a first name basis with the scheduling department people, and I've only been in my house for 19 months.

By a stroke of luck I "got" the appliances department manager as my salesperson on my first trip into the store to enquire about purchasing a houseful of appliances. This turned out to be VERY important when I had issues with a broken-out-of-the-box Advantium oven. He got it replaced, I'm not so sure Joe Schmoe the appliance salesman or some person I'd bought off the internet from could've made that happen. When buying a whole houseful of appliances, work with the manager.

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I live pretty close to town, it's just not a big city. I have not read any complaints on here about Electrolux parts issues. I wouldn't know how to find that out. What brand of fridg does your best friend own? Thanks for the info.

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