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rabbit8November 3, 2009

Hi, can anyone tell me if there are other vw dealerships in Alabama? I'm having problems with the one in montgomery, al. They forgot to put anti freeze in my vehicle the last time I was there and claimed they didn't know why done was in it and today one of the workers broke the dip stick and they claimed they didn't do it. I want to try another dealership else where if not too far away. Please help if you can. Thanks a million in advance for your help.

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1. Look in the yellow pages of your phone book.

2. Use google and look for VW dealership web sites.

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A VW Dipstick breaking. Yes, they do that and it is NOT the fault of the technician working on the car. The handles are simply a cheap plastic that a lot of the imported cars started to use and in the normal process of confirming that the simple oil level is correct after the oil change is done, or even in routinely checking it they simply break.

Seriously, if you checked your oil as often as your supposed to, you would of had it brake in your hands eventually. I have one customer who broke his dipstick off down inside the tube, and the tube must be replaced because there is no way to reach it.

Beyond that issue, the engine coolant. That's a problem and it reflects greatly on the management there. My suspicion is they are trying to use too many inexperienced people as techs in order to keep their labor costs down, which ultimately does work to keep your labor fees lower. But invariably there is the point of diminishing returns, and if they try to be too cheap with their labor force, the mistakes start to occur more frequently.

You can use the Internet to find the closest dealer to you other than this one. Or you could use the Internet to try and find the best independent technician, who specializes in VW's. The iATN is a group of over 69,000 technicians world-wide that assist each other in working on today's cars. You just might have a former dealer tech who went out on his own in the independent market near you. Use the member search at that site and check out the possibilities.

Here is a link that might be useful: The iATN

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Yes, There use to be one called Crown Kia. They are no longer a dealership. The new one is Called Kia Store Of Anniston. Its in the same spot as the old one, just new owners and everything.

Here is a link that might be useful: lax car service

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