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Mark_KCFebruary 17, 2013

We are just a few weeks away from breaking ground on our dream home. My wife and I saw a time lapse video of a new home construction on TV and thought it would be cool to do a video for our home build.

Does anyone know of solid and reliable cameras / technology that we could use to accomplish this?

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My plan is to pick a spot on our property once the land has been cleared and just take a picture from there on a regular basis. There's no power or internet on our site at the moment, and I'm not interested in putting a lot of effort/money towards documenting the build in this way.

However, I did find a blog that used a time lapse camera and blogged about it. I'll put the link at the bottom of the post. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Setting up the Construction Time Lapse- A House by the Park

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Go pro camera with a timer. There is a company that builds a timer specifically for the gopro.

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I have used a LOT of cameras for outdoor purposes. Wildlife cameras have really evolved in the last 5 years. If your looking for a simple, affordable camera that you can place on a tree and program in the interval for taking shots then you can use any sort of foodplot camera. Plot Watcher is one that is advertised pretty heavily on the Outdoor Channel. I personally would rather have a camera that has many more functions and I can use for other purposes. My hands-down favorite is the Reconyx cameras. They take thousands of pictures on a single set of batteries. You can program in so many different functions I cannot begin to list them all. Camera speed, burst rate, day/night, delay, timed, lapse, etc... Do some research online. The nice thing about a Reconyx is you can use it and if you decide to get rid of it, you can sell it on Ebay for almost what you bought it for. These cameras are quality.

I am planning to have multiple cameras on my build site. I want one on the road, one on the structure and one to record progress. One for fun and two for security. I plan to use a ladder to mount them up on the trees so they are out of sight of the contracted labor. I hope they won't see any use, but If we have some theft we should be able to do someothing about it.

Good luck

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I have used Wingscapes Plantcam with success. They have a newer version called Timelapsecam. You may also want to buy the AC adapter or solar panel for power. Use two cameras for redundancy or to have choice of best viewing angle. Shield from direct sunlight for best results. Making a good movie will require separate software.

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