anybody trying the acetone thing?

plaidthumbNovember 9, 2005

This seems to be a popular topic these days, but everything I've found originates from one web site, or is attributed back to that site. Does anyone know of any independent corroboration of this deal? 3 oz. of acetone to 10 gal. gas = 3 to 4 MPG increase?

Sounds too simple/too good to be true, but I haven't found the "gotcha" in it yet...

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Non-scientific testing - some increases,some decreases.
IMO, too risky, however tempting..
To save fuel, drive a more practical vehicle with a Diesel engine.

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My co-worker tried it in his VW GTI. We're both chemists in the petroleum industry and didn't see how it would work, but one web site seemed to have a lot of good information and data.

Bottom line is we concluded you can't separate the human effect. When he added acetone, he found himself driving a little more carefully. He did see a slight improvement, but again he felt he was probably driving easier. If it does help, it's very, very slight. Not worth the cost of the acetone and effort.


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I wouldn't take a chance on acetone in the fuel tank until I knew a lot more about its effects on the various elastomer and plastic parts in the fuel system. Acetone is a very active solvent (think of m'lady's nail polish.) If it produced a benefit, it likely cleaned the injectors (provided these needed cleaning). If the injectors were already clean, there'd be no change, but there may be potential damage to parts in the fuel system.

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I heard of a guy that was trying it on a fleet of vehicles, and saw no consistant change to mileage pro or con.

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