Disarming (temporarily) Side Curtain Air Bags

buckyNovember 15, 2010

Good Day Fellas: I have a real annoying rattle coming from the seat belt mechanism on the side post between the doors on my wife's 07 Malibu. I was going to remove the interior upholstery panel to get at the rattle but am reluctant to do so until I disarm the air bag located in this area. Can I disarm the bag by disconnecting the battery cable or is some other procedure necessary.

Thanks a lot: Bucky2

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My '03 Ford Ranger book says to disconnect the battery and wait 2 minutes to avoid accidental deploymant of any SRS device. Presumably your heap would have about the same type of arrangement - ie wait a while for it to disarm.

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Thanks for the response to my inquiry mxyplx. As the make and age of our vehicles is very different I'm reluctant to presume that they're the same set-up. Setting off an air bag is not something I want to chance so I'll have to do some more homework on this. Thanks again for the info on your Ford though. Bucky2

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