reapir bumper crack

andrelaplume2November 8, 2011

we have a 7 year pld good shape. Something flew off a landscaping truck bounced up and punctured the underside of our front plastic bumper. The truck got away. If the car were newer I'd put a claim in. However, we already had a claim on the car...ironically for the front bumper. That was 6 years ago when the car was pretty much new. I hate to chance my rate going up. I also have a deductible. Should the crack worsen or we find a radiator leak or something I will file claim.

For now, I was able to push the plastic puncture more or less back into place. I lines up pretty good. If I use some touch up paint I doubt it would even be noticeable. I am just wondering if there is some sort of plastic glue I might use to keep the crack in place. Any advice is appreciated.

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What was broken was not the bumper, but the bumper cover, a piece of plastic put on over the bumper to dress up and cover a very ugly bumper. If you are fortunatley enough to be able to get at the backside of the tear, you could use a body repair kit to bond on a fiber mat to hold things together. But the probability is this is not possible. The next alternative would be to remove the bumper cover and make a repair on the backside and re-assemble it.

The other long shot is to locate an identical part at a salvage yard and replace the part. But since your model probably came in several colors, the chance of finding one with the same color may be remote. In that case, you'd need to repaint the part in matching color before you made the change-out. The problem here is it is difficult to get the paint to stick for long and in a couple of years, someof the paint may flake off showing the underlayer color. The best bet is to find a replacement part of the same color. The color is molded in for many bumper covers.

A third alternative is to talk with a body shop to see what it would cost to replace or patch up and go from there.

If all this sound too daunting, then you have already arrived at the best solution and that is to push the deformed panel back in place and live with the crack.

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