cleaning hex tile grout?

threegracesMarch 19, 2014

A previous owner put in a hex tile bathroom floor and while the style is great, the grout looks dirty and discolored in various spots. Other places it is still nice and white which only shows how dirty other spots look. I found something called Polyblend Grout Renew but that was for larger tiles, not (what seems like) thousands of grout lines around tiny hex tiles. Would I really have to apply a product to each grout line?

I have tried various cleaning household products, a scrub brush, elbow grease, oxyclean, etc. Nothing really whitened it that well.

Any ideas? This is what our tile looks like

Here is a link that might be useful: Grout Renew

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I swear the tile pros said before the best way to clean the tile (and maybe grout was with a steam mop). I also believe they said bleach will break down the grout over time but maybe use it once if it worked and then maintain with the steamer?

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I saw something on a blog today about cleaning grout and it was with products I had never thought about. Might be worth a shot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scrub Grout

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Thanks so much for the ideas. The thought of scrubbing each grout line is enough to make me cry. Or enough to say, who CARES if my grout is dirty?!?!

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Mix up some bleach 50/50 with water. Use a brush and agitate it over the floor, liberally. Let it sit a while and brush it again. Flush it out with clean water and sin no more.....

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