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creekdwellerFebruary 22, 2012

The candle wax when it can't be burned anymore?

Well, After I made the melted Valentine hearts. I got to thinking, Danger..LOL Why can't I use the wax with the cookie cutter too. So, I took needle nose pliers and took the metal wick part out, and used a star to pour my melted wax in. It's a Yankee cinnamon stick. And it smells wonderful. I used aluminum foil to put it on. It came right out of the mold.

Just make sure you have the cutter anchored down, or the wax will run away from you..LOL

Then I just put something heavy on it until it dried, and wah lah, I have a star. Again, different cookie cutters for different occasions. I can't wait to make Easter out of the beads and wax!!!

Then I put the jar in the sink a hot soapy water and plan to wash it in the dishwasher several times, I have done this before. Then use them at Christmas or special occasions for candy or cookies or any kind of treat.



Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Star

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Your star came out great Creek!
Good idea for all the left over candle wax.
This is a perfect solution for the drawer full of old candles I've been saving.
You also have me thinking about trying my candy moulds for this idea!

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I have an aga stove I sit it on top of stove it melts.

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