anyone know of a resource at an affordable price for 96" french d

aktillery9February 21, 2013

we are starting our plans for a new build. I am finding it difficult to find taller french doors that do not cost an arm and a leg. We have a lake view and will need quite a number of them for the living room. Suggestions? I am open to any and all!

Thanks so much in advance!

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Have you though about using shorter doors with transoms about them.

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What do you consider affordable, what is your budget? What material are you looking to use? What type and brands of products have you looked at? What do you want the product to look like? Where do you live? What are your expectations of the product? Maybe ask in the window forum as well but these are the basic questions that you need to answer before anyone can even begin to help you, you need to help us help you.

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