water pump for 87 olds ciera

vacuumfreakNovember 30, 2006

Hey there. I have an 87 Olds Ciera and the water pump is leaking badly. I don't have a lot of money, just wondering how big if a deal it would be for me to buy the pump and put it in myself... it's the 4 cylinder... please let me know what you think.

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I don't have a repair manual for your car, but if it is built like the earlier GM X-models, its not a big deal. The secret lies in knowing how to gain access to the pump. Look in the right wheel well. Does it have a removable flap, or one that can be pushed out of the way? If so, the procedure is to jack up the right front wheel and support the auto on something very reliable such as a jack stand. Remove the wheel and flap to gain access to the pump. Otherwise, its nealy impossible to change it, but is easy through the fender well.

Don't forget to break loose the wheel lug nuts before completely removing the vehicle load off the wheel. Start the jacking process, but leave enough load on the wheel to keep it from turning while breaking loose the lug nuts.

CAUTION: Before jacking, make sure that you secure the vehicle from rolling. Never depend on the parking pawl in the transaxle, and since this is a front drive vehicle, the parking pawl will be ineffecitve once one of the front wheels leaves the ground because the differential will allow the other wheel to roll.

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I have seen some repair manual for Water Pump Housing for ciera but i don't know if that actually applies to a pump as well. There are lots of PDF files for that available on the net.

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