Intermittent Electronic Mystery

jemdandyNovember 2, 2010

1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited

6 cyl, 4.0 L, automatic, 4 wheel drive

90,000 miles

I had an interesting electronic failure today. While traveling 25 - 30 mph, the speedometer and tachometer quit and the air bag light came on. I was too surprised to notice what else may have been affected. The engine continued to run normally. A quarter of a mile later when I turned on the right turn signal to turn into a side street, everything began working again. Weird!

I shut down to vote at the poll and then went home. I shut down again, and ran the built-in instrument panel check. (With the key off, push and hold in the trip reset button, then turn the ignition to the "run" position. After the test sequence begins, release the reset button. The test will stop after it has run through its sequence or the ignition turned off.) This tests all the lamps, display segments, and exercises all instruments. It passed these tests indicating that the electrical connections between the controller and instrument panel were valid.

Any ideas about what happened?

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YEP! You've got one of those little techno bugs lurking in your Jeep's electronics system. They show up every now and then to get your attention and drive you crazy. Then they hibernate just long enough for you to think that everything is just fine. I've had one in my Buick for several years. The little bugger shows up from time to time mostly when its warm and humid. :- ) Ain't modern technology wonderful!
Cheers: Bucky2

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