Gear shift knob removal

timbulbNovember 27, 2005

I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove the gear shift knob on my '02 Mazda truck (Ford Ranger).

Any suggestions?

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No that didn't help.

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The gear shifter (Manual transmission) is held in place by a special bolt with a wedge designed in the middle and threads at both ends. You simply lift the rubber boot from the floor exposing the top of the transmission where the shifter stub enters the cab, and you will see the bolt going through with the nut on the passengers side of the shift lever.

Take the nut off, and put it on the other side and tighten it and it will pull the wedge out of engagement and release the shift lever.

Now if your talking about the knob at the top of the shifter, be advised you will ruin it by pulling it off.
They are a very tight fit, and once you manage to get it off of the shifter it will never again fit properlly and the only way you wont be dealing with it coming loose in your hand will be to replace it. It's easiest to remove a good knob by first removing the shift lever from the truck as described above.

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