93 crown vic

drewhonNovember 18, 2005

1993 crown vic the problem is when you first take off in the morning.The car has a miss and makes a poping noise in the exhaust right below the driver and passangers feet and the car does some mild jerking.Then it clears up in 2miles and runs great. If you let the car sit for a few hrs and go to drive it the problem is back for 2 to 3 more miles then clears up again..123,000 miles on the car if that helps?
Thanks DREW

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Knowing the car's mileage helps a little.
Assure that all the maintenance and service work are up to date.
When cold, one or two plugs are not firing - causing the popping and the miss..But I would say that the plugs are OK at this point.
Or some hydraulic lifters are not functioning well when cold. But this may also yield an audible underhood ticking sound....

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How about getting back with us, Drewhon, and relating as to what caused the problem - and the solution..

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At 123,000 miles, some valve/valve-stems may be worn allowing some valves to tip sideways a bit due to a small amount of side thrust from the valve actuator mechanism. These valves do not seal well. In other cases, some valves may be sticking giving the same result.

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