New Master Bath Layout - Concerns?

sochiMarch 18, 2012

So embarrassed, just posted this in kitchens by accident. Argh. Anyway.

I will post one layout and a couple of design questions today, thanks for your indulgence. I have to make virtually all of my decisions over the next day or so. Please let me know if you see any obvious problems, concerns with the layout below.

The bathroom will be 88" by 80". The shower will be 48" wide (less the glass divider and the curb) and 80" long.

The toilet and notional vanity area will be 40" x 80". Along the 80" run, the toilet is notionally being given 32", 28" for the bathroom door (likely a barnyard type sliding door on the hall side of the wall) and 20" for the vanity (although the toilet and vanity are both a few inches shallower than 32" and 20"). I'm tight here I know, 28" isn't ideal for the door width.

The glass wall dividing the shower and the toilet will extend from the back wall about 32".

The sink/vanity in the bathroom will be primarily for DH. You will see another sink in the bedroom (in the former closet). This 90" long run will have a vanity with sink, 'make-up/hair' zone, plus drawers. This will be built post-reno, so I haven't made any design choices here yet. It will be made to look more bedroom like than bathroom like.

As an aside, the wall directly opposite bedroom vanity area (the other side of the bed) will be a wall of closets (it looks like a wall in the picture below).

Let me know if something seems wonky. Thanks.

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This is all based on you being able to move walls.

The bath is cramped - nice big shower though. Narrow passageway between toilet and sink. The entrance to the room is too long and narrow. The makeup vanity is bigger than it needs to be. There's a pinch point between bed and corner of bath.

Reduce 80" wall to 72", maybe down to 60" but no smaller. Put sink, toilet, shower on same wall (upper in picture) Increase that wall length from 84" to say 96"-108". The makeup vanity reduces from 90" to 78"-66".

Plumbing costs will be less as there is only one plumbed wall. The bathroom and room will be more accessible if anyone ever needs to use walker/wheelchair. The wider passages will feel more gracious.

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