95 F150 problems

webber_growerNovember 9, 2009

Hello all. I am on dial up here and my comp running real slow. i used the search feature and found nothing about the trucks problem.

it has a chugging and lack of power going on now. it just came on out of the blues. I cant even drive it now cause its so bad. I replaced the coil pack air filter fuel filter and disconnected the o2 sensor along with the muffler to let it free flow. Muffler been replaced a year ago and easy to take off. but i still have the same problem. this is the 302 engine.

any help where to look next would be appreciated. i can not drive it to a garage because it would never make it there to have the scanner hooked up. so any one had sim problems that could tell me what went down with an other wise perfect running truck just out of the blues with no sign of problem comming on. it drove just fine then it just lost power as i was driving. again hello all and thank you in advance.

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There are some knowledgeable posters on this forum, but you will have to be more specific. They will need to know:

Year, make, and model
Automatic or Manual
Miles on the engine.
Has it had regular tune-ups?

If your truck is a 1996 or newer, it would help if you could borrow a code reader and read the trouble codes. Barring that, do you have the small 'owners manual'? There may be instructions in there for reading the touble codes by a series of manuipulations of the ignition switch.

You did give one important clue: The trouble developed suddently.

I suspect that you have a failed sensor, but which one, who knows without some diagnostics. I'd reconnect the muffler and oxygen sensor. Apparently, these are not the problem. A failed or disconnceted MAP (mass air flow) sensor can create the the problem you are describing, but then, other things can too. Randomly replacing parts is not the way to go.

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