paddleNovember 20, 2005

What are the best wipers out there?(for winter driving)Teflon?

thanx for any input.



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New ones of any kind are decent. I believe wipers should be changed every 15,000 kms. But my area of the world has sometimes harsh winter conditions, so I change them every spring.

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An unfriendly environment is harsh on wipers and everything else...Excessive sun(UV rays), road salt, acid rain....
I buy those cheapies from Big Lots for one dollar, and they work well and last....
Our winters down here in SE PA are not that severe, I see no need for special winter wipers(the rubber covered ones)..

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Hey Jim When I resided in Canada (now living in Arlington VA) I Usually went to Canadian Tire and bought their Teflon wipers. Had pretty good luck with them. Can't beat Canadian Tire money either. Can't wait to spend Xmas in Saskatoon. I'm going through Tim Hortons withdrawal. Cheers. Scott

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I've gotten quite good life out of Bosch wipers (standard on my VW). I tried winter blades once and was not impressed with them. The biggest problem I have is with wipers freezing to the windshield, and winter blades really don't do anything about that. Better to keep the windshield and blade rubber clean.

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