Steering rack

kaliningNovember 16, 2007

John G. This is for you and all the rest of the best. I think i have it already figuered out but need another opinion. Actually a short cut. 1996 Taurus 3 lt. 4 door G.L. Steering rack. Some nut case put A.T.F. in the pump.

Steering is about 50% assist cold. Run the car 1/2 hour or

4 hours no difference. Restart the car 1/2 hour or 10 minuets later. You now have full assist. 1 or 2 turns of the wheel, siezed, back to 50% assist. Here is the best part. car sat for 3 months. Drove it with 100% full assist.

A.T.F. in the pump. Siezed only on extreem right hand turns

only when it felt like it. Pump completely flushed with

proper power steering fluid. Full assist only when the

car is run and shut off for the first 2 turns. I'm sure the

rack is toast but is there anything you know of to prolong

the change ? Maybe an oil additive ? I don't want to change this rack. You have to drop the sub frame. Nothing as simple as a 1980 Olds Omaga. I can do those in my sleep.

Oh yah. Some ass hole put teflon tape on the pressure fitting on the pump discharge. Found tape all over the fitting and it was shredded and could be in the piping on the way to the rack. Removed the P.S. filter and it was plugged pretty bad. Any ideas ? anyone ?

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HI Kalining

That car should have the VAPS, "Variable Assistance Power Steering" system on it. You are describing a classic failure of the actuator. Look at the high pressure line where it attaches to the steering rack. You will see a solenoid in line. That's it. Just be sure it has correct power and ground available to it before throwing the part.

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Hi John. That solenoid is there all right. Probably original. Lots of rust. I'll get at it this afternoon and get back to you. Thanks.

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