OT...An Angel Made An Oil Delivery Today!

slinkeyFebruary 5, 2011

The oil delivery truck just left.. Praise God!

He slowly walked down our drive and said 'no way can I bring bring down the truck'! Even after putting sand and rock salt and had more snow removed to widen the drive..he didn't want to take a chance getting stuck on the ice, because that's what happened on his last run. The company had to send a 'Wide Loader' to pull him out. Sooo, he said I'll try to do what I can. He brought his truck along the side of the house where the property drops steeply... DH made a tow line for him to grab on to and he walked down (waist deep) in the snow pulling the hose down with him. Guess what?? it was short by half a foot! So He and DH chipped ice and snow away on the hill, and kept yanking the hose to extend it some more. With fingers crossed and lots of praying..it just made it!

If this good hearted - 'Angel-like Man' didn't have it in him to want to bother, he could have easily just driven away..but today, God sent the right delivery man to us.

So now with the snow falling again...let it snow...let it snow..we've got oil... Whew!


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I would say you have had 2 angels sent to you, the neighbor and the delivery man.
It would have taken a pretty cold-hearted delivery person to drive away and leave you with no oil delivery, but he still went over and above what was required. I'd say your prayers were answered, both in the driver and the length of the hose!!

TFS the good news. It is supposed to snow more here today also.

Do you think Phil got the forecast wrong? LOL

Anyway, glad you are now snug and warm!


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Mircles do still happen! Thank the Lord for this good man. I am so glad that you got oil, and just hope and pray that your electricity holds. I just heard where you are getting hit with another storm. It is 40 degrees here today and overrcast, but it feels like spring after all the dnow and cold we have been enduring. Saatay warm and safe. Prayers, Janet

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There definitely are Earth Angels, and you got visited by two of them this week!! Wooo Hoooo, what a huge relief.
Now relax and stay warm!

hugs, Karen

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Given everything we hear and see on the news now days it sure is refreshing to hear there are still 'angels' out there. So glad that you have oil now to hopefully last you till warmer days .....


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Candy..you're absolutely right 2 Angels came our way, and we are so grateful for both of them.
I agree, it would have taken a cold-hearted delivery guy to drive away. The Oil company was preparing us for the worst telling us if the driver feels he can't do it...then you'll have to wait. We didn't want to leave the house today because we wanted to talk to him when he came and DH wanted to at least explain the situation. In the past, we've had guys come and then drive by phoning into the Company saying they couldn't do it.

Janet, as soon as the driver was able to reach the tank...I was Thanking The Lord over and over!! You're right though with the electricity...we'll just keep the prayers going in that dept! I can't believe how many people have been effected by these storms.

Karen...I definitely do believe in 'Earth Angels'. I was saved by one many years ago and also my neighbor..
I'm just so grateful I'm not running out of them!! lol

lynne..I feel the same as you about hearing so many bad stories about people..it IS refreshing to know good ones still exist ..problem is we don't hear MORE about them since
the media tends to dwell on the negative.


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Jane, I'm so happy to hear you have oil now. This is wonderful news. I agree, you were sent angels and it sounds like they came at the right times or it may not have happened. What a story this is!

What are they predicting for snow now? Hope you stay safe no matter what the weather does. It rained and our snow is almost gone. Wish you could be that lucky.


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Thanks Punk....you're so sweet to show such concern.
I was telling DH today, how you take everyday things for granted until it's threatened.
As far as the weather we had snow earlier today then it changed to rain..There's more snow for later in the week...I'm hoping they're wrong.
You're lucky the rain washed most of your snow away.
I'll be so happy when that happens here.
Thanks again for caring.


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Jane, what a blessing that he was the one driving the delivery truck today! I can't even begin to imagine trying to deal with the weather that parts of the country have been seeing. We've had snow here before of course, but nothing compared to up north. Stay warm, my friend!

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Oh Jane, that is wonderful! When the weather warms up, you will have to invite him and your caring neighbor over for a homecooked meal at one of your wonderful tables!

Talk about teamwork and answered prayers! I'm so thankful you don't have to worry any more.


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Jane, I'm so glad you finally got oil!!!!
Thank goodness you finally got a Driver who was willing to go the extra mile.

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So glad to hear the great news. I believe there are angels everywhere and with someone as sweet as you, one was bound turn up.

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Oh thank goodness! This ice has been awful! It is just not melting.
I awoke to an oil delivery this morn. Over 200 gal @ 4.00, ouch! But not having it is worse.
Stay warm, Jane!

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and to everyone else..
Not only did the oil delivery bring warmth...
you guys did too .. with all your Genuine Concern.
Thanks, You're the best!

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Sweet dreams tonight in your nice warm house! Glad you have a great neighbor & the "right" delivery man who cares about his customers. Hope rest of winter is milder & spring thaws are just around the corner! Jan

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jan....just saw your reply..
Thank you for your sweet comments.
and may your 'warm' words go straight to 'God's Ears'!!


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Ah Jane.... What good news! You are a special lady and have been blessed!
That driver needs a kudo's letter to his boss!
Many more blessings to you and hopefully some warm air :^)

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So glad to hear that Jane.

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What great news, Jane! I've been worried about you and know (from recent experience) how stressful it is worrying about the what-ifs. That delivery guy surely was an angel to care so much. I'm happy that it's now taken care of.

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Jay. ...regarding the driver and his boss,
it's been take care of..the disposition of that man was so 'pure & sweet'..laughing all the while he struggled through the snow...Amazing individual.
Thanks for you kind words.

Yachter - thank you for caring.

Lynn...I know you were dealing with the stress of this weather too...so glad all worked out for you too.
Thanks for your concerns.


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