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marys1000November 18, 2007

I have a 97 Blazer that I want to buy new Light Truck all weather tires for.

The Blazer is getting old and I will have to replace it at some point but

I love it and the idea of researching a new vehicle may have me in it for

at least awhile longer. So I don't need the absolute longest warranty best tire but I do want a decent tire. Problem is its hard to find reviews and advice on the exact same brands/models at all the tire stores.

Any good websites/forums/tips/advice?

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This site ought to tell you more than you wanted to know about pretty much all the name brand tires. If you have a America's Tire Company/Discount Tire Company (chain store) in your area, I believe they'll get for you whatever you pick from the site below.

Don't know what to tell you if you're trying to research off brand tires. They can be good and competitively priced too. Just don't know where you'd go to get a review of them. General rule is you get what you pay for.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tire Rack

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Consumer Reports also rates tires, but you'll have to find which issue they did it in for Light Truck all weather tires. Your library should have old issues. Just another source.

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I really don't see any point to this tire warranty issue
you have. Tires are rated by mileage. 50,000 - 80,000 - 100,000 , what ever. If you keep the vehicle 3 years buy
cheap tires. If you keep the vehicle 5 years buy good tires
or 2 sets of cheap ones or one set of good ones. My best bet is no matter what you buy your tire will have 50% tread
wear left before you sell your Blazer. Almost all tire warranties are the same. It's tread wear,or lack of it that makes a good tire. It's the tread design that makes a good tire. A design that works well on ice, snow, mud, rain,dry roads, and hot roads is big money. Called All Season tires. Buy what you think you need. Again you don't want the cheapest tire you can get. Wet, rainy road. Bad
tread design. Your gone on the next high speed corner. I
won't buy a used vehicle with bald tires. Would that be a cheap owner that won't maintain the vehicle or is there
front end problems ripping the tires off ? Just my thoughts. Do what you think is best for you.

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Thanks for the link. They do not have some tire this one place really wants to sell me - some Finnish company?
I'll try to remember the library, got a lot going on and don't know when I'll get there. (Why so many out of town business conferences suddenly sprung up right during the holidays I don't get it but anyway:)

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