Chewed Electrical Wires (rodent)

reekolaNovember 24, 2008

My son had 4 sets of wires in the engine compartment chewed up, presumably by a rodent. He said he saw a little pile of leaves near them and assumes they were making a nest. He doesn't drive the car every day so some mice probably thought it looked like a nice place for a condo.

Any ideas on how to keep them out of there and keep them from chewing up more wires? Am having the chewed up ones repaired now.


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4 sets of what engine wires ? I'll run this by you. Our
insurance company writes off any vehicle with rodent damage. They must know something. How long does this car sit ? I live in the bush and have no mouse problem. Where is the car parked ? Someone said moth balls in the car
prevent mice. Try that. Put some under the hood too.

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One set went to ABS something, one to headlights, one to starter fuse?? (car would not start), not sure of fourth. Son is in college and rides his bike to classes when weather is good, so car can sit for several days. Last spot was outside and next to the garage. They noticed a few mice in the house a month ago and trapped several. I told him to park in the street away from the house. I'll try the mothballs under the hood. I was wondering if I could put some kind of metal sheathing/conduit around the wires to prevent the chewing. Aluminum foil (probably too thin)?

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**Our insurance company writes off any vehicle with rodent damage. They must know something. How long does this car sit ? I live in the bush and have no mouse problem. Where is the car parked ?**

What do you mean by 'writes off'?

Your luck doesn't isn't an indication of a thing. Just last week the check engine light came on in a pick up at my work. Problem was traced to mouse chewed wires near the distributor. This vehicle gets driven 5 days a week at least. Evidence of critters is frequently found under the hood of my daily driver. Don't know what a person could do other than set traps when something starts to take up residence in your vehicle.

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" Write off " as in gone. Total loss. Sent to the crusher.
They will allow one mouse claim in wiring but if it is inside the cab of the car, truck, or motor home it is gone.
A very serious health hazard that will never be cleaned
properly without major cost.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I've had problems in the past in vehicles that were on the carport. One was driven regularly and the other one, very seldom. At the time, I was feeding the dogs on the carport and often found dog food in the engine compartments, and even inside of the car and truck.

I finally quit feeding them on the carport, and have not had a problem since.

I'm wondering if some glue traps wired in place might help you. They are certainly not humane, but what is that kills varmits. I never liked the idea of poison due to them maybe dying within the vehicle, and then maybe having to tear the vehicle apart to try and find the stinking thing.

A friend had a mouse in her car and wanted it gone/killed. She parked it in the blazing sun in the summertime. Sure enough, it died, and the smell was awful, as they couldn't readily find it once it started stinking. Lesson leanred the hard way.

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I recently had this problem. Three sensor light went on in my Toyota Sienna and took it straight away to the dealership, they found a rats nest. It had chewed through many wires and was using the engine cover insulation for nesting material. My insurance would cover for full replacement of my engine harness for 4,000.00 and I would have to pay my 500.00 deductible but that was not deemed necessary, they repaired the damage for just under 500.00, this included a total detail of the engine to remove urine and feces.

The problem is that now they are back. I set traps out and got a huge rat on night 2 of trapping but since I have been checking my car every other day, I am noticing new damage although minor. I am very annoyed by these critters and have been escalating my rodent prevention techniques. I put dryer sheets in the engine, (they don't seem to mind), I have put traps and bait out to kill them (1 only got one but he seems to have a large family.) My next step in to buy rodent proof electrical tape, it is said to be embedded with capsaicin and is made by Honda. The newer wires are made with bio-plastic which has a soy component and rodents seem to like it. I am also going to try painting some chili oil or chili paste on wires to see if that deters them. I hope the smell does not do a number of us when we turn on the heat!

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You need a ball bearing rat killer.

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