How does Ford Contour power window work?

ken_in_kcNovember 19, 2006

Hey guys,

Have a 1998 Ford Contour with a problem with the passenger side power window. It seems to stick/bind and the drive mechanism sounds like it's slipping. Needless to say the window only goes half way up unless there is a lot of assistance by hand.

I took off the door panel yesterday, and it's not obivious to me how the thing works. What exactly drives it and where does it get traction to lift the window? I see the vertical bar that the weight of the window is on and how the window travels. I lubed it a little.

I've fixed a power window on an old Honda that came unconnected and it was real straightforward and instantly clear how the mechanism worked.

The motor works fine. Is there some sort of cable drive mechanism that drives the window?

Thanks in advance


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sry dont know how they work but I do know where to find the info for free. Stop in at your friendly neighborhood FORD dealership service department and have them pull up the schematic and print you a copy. Also get them to check for Technical Service Bulletins for that particular car and part that you need to work on. A lot of the time you can figure out what part is bad without even removing the door panel. Good Luck

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"Is there some sort of cable drive mechanism that drives the window? "

Yes. The window regulator is made of a very flimsy cable that can (and does) come apart and gets wound around the window motor drive gear causing binding or very limited movement. *SOME* models also have a plastic gear inside the window motor that often gets stripped causing no window movement even though you can hear the motor run. This gear is usually serviceable and can be replaced without replacing the entire window motor. I don't remember if your 98 Contour has this particular setup.

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