For those doing vintage baths....

live_wire_oakMarch 18, 2012

Take a look at this! Looks to be in fabulous condition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Craigslist Posting

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But for every fabulous find like that above, you run into someone selling something like this. LOL! (sorry if it makes your eyes bleed.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage cabinet and counter

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I love that tub.

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I love that toilet. I can't believe how hard it is to find a concealed trap on a modern toilet. Kohler made the Pinoir - and discontinued it. Porcher makes one, American Standard makes one but the plastic plugs on the sides are not attractive. Toto makes one (Guinevere?) but it looks too wide or squat for my taste.

Sigh. I wish I never let go of our old American Standard 5-gallon flush (with the concealed trap). Lesson learned, the teal version of that toilet is staying in my downstairs bath FOREVER.

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Hmmm. I was never conscious of the trap being invisible in the old toilets - you mean the S-curve outlined in the base, instead of smoothed over by extra porcelain?

I demolished the old blue toilet in the MBR with a hammer because the closet bolts were frozen - not that I intended to re-use it - not that I thought anyone would want it. And replaced it with a white Toto Eco Flush, visible S-curve, which I DID notice.

But I just went into the kids' bath to check out the grey toilet there - vintage AS 1965, no S-curve. That one has got to be lifted carefully when I re-tile, and preserved intact because I am NOT replacing the grey tub. Hacksawing bolts, least favorite task in the whole reno business.

But you are right, it definitely looks nicer with the smoothed out base. The outlined trap is sort of like someone wearing a tube top, who really shouldn't.

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I hear you, teal-toilet-owner! But will They let you keep it forever? TPTB? I always thought our 1954 peachy-pink toilet, tub, sink, floor, and wall tiles were sort of weird. Then I decided to EMBRACE the Pink Bathroom - only to be told we probably can't keep our toilet because it uses more than 1.6 gallons. I doubt there are low-flow modern toilets that are vintage-looking AND peachy pink. If there IS, let me know!

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birdgardner---thanks for the top!

Cute sink in that original post!

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