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shmealMarch 14, 2012

We have $4k in our building allowance to purchase an induction cooktop (36"), a single wall-oven (30") and a dishwasher (would prefer a paneled, fully-integrated. We can up it, but I don't want to if we can make it work within that budget.

We were going to order a KitchenAid Induction Cooktop (KICU695) and wait for a good sale to place our order. I should be able to purchase it for right around $1300. Last night I found a discontinued Thermador (CIT365DS) for $1699 on Ebay. I was ready to jump all over this but DH is concerned because it is discontinued and he thinks we won't be able to get it serviced if we need to. Also, he is not sure how old it is and that concerns him too.

He likes the bridge element on the KA and that we can purchase it without the stainless trim (we both like the simple edge with no stainless trim).

When we've shopped in stores we seem to gravitate towards the Bosch or the Thermador (made by the same group - so that's easy to see why) but haven't seriously considered them because of our budget. Now I've found one that fits in our budget and DH is afraid to move forward with the purchase. I can probably talk him into this if I can justify the quality of Thermador over KA, but should I?

What would you do?

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I would want to know if it comes with Thermador's warranty. Some manufacturers only warranty items sold from an authorized retailer. Some manufacturers will not take your word for it--you have to provide a copy of the receipt from said retailer. If you can get confirmation on the warranty status, I say go for it. I would check with Thermador & the company on eBay selling the item & make sure you verify when the warranty starts--when you buy, when you install or when the current seller came into possession of it.

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