OT, Have you received damaged goods?

christmascandyFebruary 18, 2011

I found the Knollwood Bluejay plate on Ebay and purchased it.

The package arrived yesterday and as soon as I picked it up, it was obvious there wasn't any point opening it!

It rattled so much, I knew there was nothing inside but a ceramic jigsaw puzzle. I immediately took it back to the Post Office and they told me I should refuse delivery. I did and I emailed the seller, but haven't received any response yet. The Ebay site said to contact the seller first, before posting a negative comment on the Ebay site.

I am so disappointed!! Has this ever happened to any of you? Is it possible to get your money back?

What a bummer!


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Candy, one of the only things that I've ever ordered on ebay came broken. It was a Westmoreland Doric covered compote, which I had been searching for forever. The seller sent back my check and told me not to bother with returning it. I was still bummed out, I still display it with the broken side to the back.

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Candy, I've bought and sold on eBay since 1999, and rarely was a thing broken. Your package probably was insured, tho the post office should have mentioned if so. Most sellers on eBay are really nice to deal with. I think I've only left negative feedback twice in all these years.
IF the plate was packed good, it really was the PO fault and not the Seller's.

That being said about my good experiences as an eBay,...
last week I recieved TWO out of 4 things broken. All were packed very well and I think PO is handling things way too rough right now. (it use to be UPS I didn't trust with fragile things). If y'all remember, I was delighted to get some new Cherubs. Finding them damaged upset me. For the PO to pay the insurance, they take and toss the item.
I told the sellers that I was going to keep and glue the
the items (each had one clean break and was easy to glue luckily) Neither could be replaced by the Sellers as they were estate finds, and I didn't want the PO to trash them.
Both sellers offered compensation but I turned it down as I felt it wasn't their fault at all with their good packing. Had they packed carelessly I'd have let them know in no uncertain terms.

Last week I think I commented, when buying Cherubs, that I had no idea why I was surrounding myself with this little things suddenly....I think know why now.

hugs, Karen

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I have never received anything damaged, but as I understand it, especially if you pay using paypal, your purchase is gauranteed, period. You know, I just remembered, I ordered a piece to our wedding china a few years ago, and a wrong patterned plate was included; it was the correct brand, but a different pattern. I had paid through paypal, and the man was very nice, and rather than have me return it, he had me keep it. I feel sure, that when they have my estate sale, our kids will say, wonder why mom had that plate that doesn't match? Keep them guessing, I guess! LOL

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I have received only one thing broken, and everything I buy is breakable except books. It was from ebay, and I could tell when it came that it was not packed well enough before I even picked it up off the porch bench. The box was way too small. I emailed the seller and he happened to have another of the item. He asked me to take a pic of the item with packing and email it to him. I did and he sent me another for free,and no shipping.

I would be disappointed, too, if it was a hard to find item.


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Thanks for the input.
The box was intact and did not look damaged, but it rattled like a box of ceramic cereal.
It was not insured, the Postal employee checked that. If I refused delivery, it did not cost me anything additional.
If I opened the box and found the pieces, I would have had to pay to return it.
I have not received a response yet from the seller, and I left the message yesterday afternoon. I did pay with PayPal, but they refer problems to Ebay now and Ebay didn't want to do anything until I gave the seller 2 days to respond.
One day down.....not feeling too positive about this experience.


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Candy, I'm not an ebayer but from what's been said you will be fine. Stay positive and it'll happen tomorrow. Years ago I use to hear horror stories but none lately.

Good Luck, Punk

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Yes, approach the seller first, then if you get no response, then report them to ebay, not just leave negative feedback & think there is a form to report them & I think Ebay will try to contact them & work something out.

Negative FB is not going to get your money back, try letting Ebay run interferance if they do not contact you.

On a different note, I once ordered some beautiful glasses from Overstock, they had raised lemons on them, really tall, footed glasses & I had ordered two sets.

The one box was rattling & I also knew immediately what a mess it would be when I opened it. It was packed well, but the PO just doesn't care anymore, so 2 of the glasses were completey destroyed.

I immediately called Overstock.com & they replaced the entire box of glasses, not just the two that were broken, so if you ever order from them, they are very good about replacing broken items.

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I never had anything arrive damaged but I did have a problem with a lamp I bought on eBay. It was love at first sight when I saw it. It was made from the branch of a tree with the bark removed. It had an interesting knot that gave it oodles of character. I was so thrilled when I was the winning bidder! It was shipped UPS and I waited and waited and waited. Two weeks after it was shipped, I contacted the seller and said I never received it. He tracked it and said it was delivered. I thought UPS left it on the porch and someone stole it. I was heart broken. The seller sent me another lamp but it wasn't as great as the first one.

A week or so later, the seller found out that UPS delivered it to the wrong address and it was returned. He shipped it out and I finally got it. I asked if I should ship back the 2nd lamp and he told me to keep it. So it all worked out in the end. I did learn to have everything shipped insured just in case.

I hope your purchase is resolved in your favor and you find another plate soon!

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Just happened to me, not a damaged item, but the wrong item. I ordered a tea cup saucer I needed to replace a broken one I had. So happy to find it, and after waiting much longer than the seller promised it arrived - wrong pattern and wrong china company. Nothing like the photo on the seller's site.

I immediately emailed the seller and was told to return it and if he found the correct saucer he would send it. If not, he would refund my money. I mailed it back the next morning, which was this past Saturday. I think it took so long to get here because he didn't really have the saucer as pictured in the first place. I've never dealt with a return or refund before so we'll see how it goes.

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Good News,
The seller contacted me and refunded the money.

I felt badly for the seller as he said he thought he had packaged it really well, and was surprised to hear it had arrived broken.


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