Maintence of my car

BarbaraNY316November 17, 2007


I do the dip stick thing on the oil when the engine is off. I do the dip stick thing on the transmission when it is running. I check windshield washer and brake fluids and make it look like I know what the heck I am doing. I do take it in to change the oil as needed...usually 5,000 since hubby always used Mobil 1 synthetic and usually go to Walmart and they do all the stuff.

What about things like air filter...and water in the radiator...I think I check this but do I need to use antifreeze/coolent....I live in South Carolina and they sort know smile that smile that says I don't know what I'm talking about. Not easy being a women in a mans domain. HELP.

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For openers, if you don't know what the service guys at Wally World are doing, ask them.

Dig out your owner's manual. It will have recommended service intervals for all those things you're concerned about. Do what it says and you'll be fine.


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I usually just use Plain old water to bring coolant up to the full line, unless I'm replacing a good amount of fluid then i'll go buy a jug of antifreeze and drain it,,, Fill it here where it rarely freezes, with 50% each, anti freeze / water. Back of the anti freeze jug has a wealth of information, if you have a magnifying glass.

What make / model / year is the car ?

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Get the radiator coolant changed if it has been at least three years since the last time it was done. I have seen a radiator that had weak coolant in it. The radiator needed replacement because of corrosion.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Air filter, power steering fluid, and tire pressure.

I was recently told that the max psi shown on the tire is not what I should be going by. Apparently those tires on different vehicles, take different amounts of pressure. I was told the right pressure was on a sticker on the inside edge of the drivers side door.


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When you top off the coolant, its best to use an antifreeze-water mix even though you are in a warmer climate. If you add plain water, you will be diluting the mix.

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Barbarany, You need to tell hubby to take care of this car maintenance thing himself and you just go SHOPPING.........

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