shower too small?

bjewell1March 10, 2012

So we have a small area in our houseplan that we are either going to use for a powder room or a 3-peice bath. It's on the main floor and the only other bathroom on the main floor is the master bathroom. There is enough room for a toilet, 24" vanity, and 30" by 54" shower. Is that big enough for a shower? Thanks!

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

Should be just fine for one...two might be a tad intimate, though.

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The minimum code approved size for a shower is 32"x32". 36"x36" actually is a bit tight for most adults. 30" is NOT wide enough for a legal shower. If you don't have room for at least the 32" width here without impinging on the required clearance for your toilet and vanity, then I'd suggest doing a closet instead. A toilet needs a 30" clear space with 2' in front of it, and that is also really tight for an adult. Your vanity also needs 2' in front of it for someone to stand, and if the toilet and vanity are face to face, you need 3'.

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What about a shower installed in a 30" x 54" inch alcove tub?

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GreenDesigns, can you point out where the code says a shower must be 32" wide?

Many tubs are only 30", and Lowes & Home Depot sell a lot of shower pans that are only 30" wide, including a 30"30 neo-angled unit (too small for me!).

Lowes has several that are 54" x 30".;newSearch=true&Ntt=54%22l+x+30%22w+shower+floor

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Yea, the shower at our current house is 30" by 36", and I don't mind the size. We plan to have a large shower (60" by 60") in our master bathroom, and a full 5 piece bathroom downstairs for the kids to use. This bathroom will really just be an extra, so I don't think the size will be an issue unless it isn't up to code.
Thanks for the link barbcollins, I had also seen those at home depot which is why I didn't think the 30" width would be an issue.

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Looking online, it appears that national code says 30"x30" is sufficient for a minimum shower size. It must just be a local more restrictive code that says 32"x32". I've never seen anything smaller for sale here because it will get rejected by the inspectors.

Having the shower be longer will make it more comfortable, and since you have such a length compared to the width, you might think about doing a shower seat. I'd also want a hand shower to make the nooks and crannies a bit easier to clean.

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I think it may have to do with a cubic size (within reasonable parameters), because my tub is only 28" wide (x60), and it's new. I would not want a solid door on this though. It replaced a tub that had solid doors on it and as small as I am I would hit elbows or bang into it.
A curtain gives a bit more elbow room.

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I'd put in the shower. My dad put in a little tub that size with a shower curtain in his little bathroom, and it's cute and useful for bathing the dog.

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The International Residential code minimum is 32" x 32"
Ref: IRC 2708.1

The Uniform Plumbing Code is 34" x 34"
Ref-UPC 412.7

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Sure, but one of the dimensions is 54", which changes the game. Many tubs are narrower than 32" and showers can be installed in them...

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Yea, I guess we will just have to see. Worst case scenario, we'll just make the bathroom 12 inches smaller and just have the toilet and sink.
Greendesigns, I was thinking of doing a small seat in the corner or something, and we will probably have the 2 in 1 hand shower or something.
So hopefully it works and we can have it 30 inches, but if not that's alright too.

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If you are interested here is a pic of a bathroom we did a in the last project house.

Shower pan was 42x30. We had some space to fill so we created a seat. We had the seat made out of Corian. This was one of my favorite bathroom remodels. It was a 1/2 bath before.

When our realtor saw it she ooh and aaahed. I said yes, I love it and wished I had one like that in our home. She laughed and said "Barb, I think you know someone who could do that for you!"

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Thanks barbcollins, that bathroom is beautiful and the shower doesn't look small at all.
We planned to just do a half bath, but if there's enough space for a shower, I doubt we'll regret it later.

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We have a 36 x36 shower in our basement and it is totally fine. We have been using it while we redo our upstairs bath. If it was your only shower it might be tight on a daily basis, but as a 2nd bath it's fine.
A little hard to shave my legs in there though!

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