Wood looking tile

sailordiveMarch 27, 2012

Anyone here use wood- looking tile in their bathroom? I just saw a picture of some and it would work great in my house since every other room in the house has wood floors.

My questions are:

1) Do they look like wood or just wood textured tile?

2) are they slippery?

3)Are they wearing well?


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A few of them look very much like wood, unless you look closely. Is that what you really want? Something that almost looks like something else? When there are so many beautiful ceramic/porcelain tiles and natural stones to choose from?

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We laid wood-look tile to build a flush-with-the-floor fireplace hearth into our oak floors. It's a cool look, but it doesn't "blend" (as Mona Lisa Vito said in My Cousin Vinnie), and I wouldn't care for it in a bathroom. We've actually used two different flooring products that looked like wood and were made of (1) porcelain and (2) high-quality vinyl. For a bathroom, I wouldn't recommend the tile because it is pretty slippery, and while it appears that it will be warm, like wood, it is actually quite cold. Kind of disconcerting.

The vinyl, on the other hand, has a more neutral look. It also has the advantage of coming in many more "species" than the wood-look tile, so if you have a view that includes a wood floor and a wood-look vinyl tile, the overall view will be quite congruent. You can't really achieve that with tile because tile isn't laid end-to-end like wood is, plus there is the matter of the grout lines. I also like the texture and non-slipperiness of the wood-look sheet vinyl. If you want a continuous look from your wood flooring into a waterproof floor in an adjacent bathroom, you can achieve it with the right vinyl.

I know this isn't exactly what you asked, but hope it is helpful.

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Thank you for the information

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We put the wood tile in our laundry area off the master bedroom because I didn't want wall to wall carpet (which was there prior to making the closet a laundry. I do like it and it looks good--but it is a laundry room about the size of a walk in closet. I don't think I would like the look in a bathroom though.

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I am getting ready to install the wood-look tile in our bathroom (dark walnut). When it is done, I will post pics. I don't usually like the "faux" version of things. I would usually just go with the real thing, but I have seen this installed, and since I'm going for a low maintenance bathroom this time around, I went with the tile. I think it will be good overall.

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Here's some more info...click link for a post about Wood tiles...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood look tiles

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Please post photos if you can. I want to do this in my daughters' bathroom and would love to see yours. Also, did you use a matte or polished tile? I actually like the shine of the polished which I was pretty surprised by.

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Try to find a Porcelanosa showroom or dealer by you. The tile is beautiful and expensive (about $15 per square foot), but some of the patterns (especially from the Montana series) are very convincing and they come in more realistic sizes such as 8" x 48" or so.

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In our area, both Lowes and HD have wood-look ceramic tile planks on display, but of course they're not Porcelanosa.

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My family is in the flooring business - my mom is a designer and my dad is an installer for over 40 years -- they recommend Duracermic which has some great wood look tiles.

Generally wood-look ceramic (or other material) tiles are much more durable and water safe than actual wood, so that's a good thing.

I don't know about quality/wear but there is a relatively inexpensive and REALLY nice looking modern tile at Tileshop called Bamboo Marron... I saw it while shopping yesterday!

Good luck!

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I put it in my basement bathroom and love it! I did a darker grout, so it really looks great. Hides all the dirt too.

From Bathroom Renovation From Bathroom Renovation

From Bathroom Renovation

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In a showroom near me they had long narrow "boards" that framed large sqaure marble tiles. It was so rich and luxurious looking that I actually considered in for my living room.

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Hey, Positano, love your floors. Can you tell us what brand they are and what grout you used?

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I used some in my master bath and I absolutely love it. A few people have thought it was wood. That said, I am not putting it in my laundry room which is next to a wood floor, because I don't think it will look real near the real thing.

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I have it in my daughters' bathroom and love it. Would have loved to have used it in mine too bc it so warms up the space, but also has the problems that it wouldn't have looked right against the hw floors in my bedroom. We used Tilecrest Prestige Collection in polished walnut.

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I really love my wood look planks. They are 6 x 24 and the color is a brown/grey. Just a hint of rustic. I get so many compliments on them and they have been wearing great! doesn't show dirt and i am not a slave to mopping or sweeping.
I got them local for just over $3 a sf, a great deal! They were on a board that had the brand name "Mirage"Name of tile was "Woodstock" Color was "Castagno".
When I received the box the brand name was Energie Ker. The link has the correct color and tile.

And my tiles are not slippery!


Here is a link that might be useful: Energie Ker in Woodstock

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I put them in my basement about a year ago and love them! I got them from the Tile Shop and so far, they are wearing well. The photo is right after they were installed. I think I paid around $3.50 sq/ft but looks like it has gone up a bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: The tile shop

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I have samples here that even close up you can't tell the difference. You want to see some sample floors check the link below. A contractor out of the Tampa area named Brian Shute and his company is Ceramictec. This guy's good, and has becoime known for the wood look floors he installs, the tile being from Bedrosians (same place I got MY samples).

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceramictec

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Tilesetter just finished this last week. Tile is Olympia Tile-Legno. I LOVE it. We couldn't match existing tile that runs throughout other side of bath, hallway, kitchen, laundry room, so I decided to go with wood look and am so glad I did!!! It is 6 x 24 and I had him lay it 'stacked' to echo the 12 x 24 'stacked' tile in the bathtub alcove. I very pleased with the result.
1. Yes, it really looks like wood-even laid in the pattern.
2. No, it is not slippery when wet.
3. It new, can't speak to wear issues.

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