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cat_momMarch 3, 2013

I couldn't reply to your email; (PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email.)
You need to check or uncheck the box on your profile page, allowing others to email you.

I don't know anything about the feasibility of building up the curb over it, but I am guessing it would be possible if done properly.

The lip of the pan gives you 2 1/2" in depth so I think a shower curtain would remain inside. However, the shower itself is not a large one. Because of size of the shower stall, there might be a greater impact of water spray hitting/running off the liner than in a larger space. If the person(s) using the shower is careful to make sure the liner is tucked inside the pan before, and during showers, you should be ok, Also, he/she would also need to make sure the hem of the liner remains inside the pan after showering, or it will drip all over the floor outside the shower. I sometimes have to remind myself to make sure the liner isn't hanging outside the bathtub after I take a shower in the MB, or I end up with a puddle on the floor.

FWIW, same thing with the glass shower door--when we used that bathroom, we tried to remember to close the glass door after stepping out of the shower, in order to avoid mopping up a puddle from water dripping off the wet glass.

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Oh thank you cat mom. I thought I had fiixed my profile but I will go back and do that again. You addressed my concerns exactly, Eventually we may do doors but I would like to try a curtain first. I am also thinking of a glass panel only on one side, maybe 20 inches or so, so the curtain could be tucked behind there. I would like to have a narrow pony wall if possible because if I don't move the toilet, the vanity will be right next to the shower. One of Mongo's earlier posts addresses this. It seems the studs would need to be cut around the curb a bit. If I swap the vanity and toilet then the vanity is in front of the window (I know this isn't the end of the world) . I have been at this plan for over a year. I was going to combine the laundry room next door with this very small bath but finally decided to just take space from the laundry for the shower and keep two rooms.
Thanks again

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Glad to help (and glad you saw this thread!).

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karencon - you have sent me an email but I can't respond to it - in case you are listening - your question to me was:
"..I do like the seat ... Been looking at them online. Just one question. Is there a way to clean behind the seat back?"
my answer: I took a look at this - hadn't thought about this - our shower tile is still quite clean - shower isn't very old - but.. we do have the hand held shower installed close by. I see where there is a small sliver of an opening behind the seat where water could be "run through" - soapy water or bleach water ... opening is maybe 1/8 inch but there IS an opening between where it is attached on each side to the tile. Hope that explains things.

Your profile on gardenweb must not be changed yet. I suggest you ask your questions in the forum instead of via personal email until you can get your email profile correct.

We do love the chair. My husband and I are both "large" - I think this bench was the only one I saw that had a load limit greater than 250 lbs (or was it 300 lbs?). Anyway, the limit of this Invisia bench is 500 lbs in case you weren't aware and it has a very nice look of quality about it.

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Thank you for the response elphaba.I did change the dang thing last time this happened as you can see above. But I will check again. And your info helps a great deal. I was concerned as to whether it would get gunky back there. Sounds like a bleachy rinse might do it. Now I'm thinking it might also bleach the wood a bit. Hmmm.

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Hi Karen -
Thanks for responding. I was checking the chair today and it turns out that the slats in the back will easily SLIDE OUT (from above)! If you hadn't of asked me, I wouldn't have known! LOL.
There are two horizontal slats on the back as you probably know. they are each about 4 inches (or so wide). They easily slide out without any tools but yet they aren't loose when you're sitting in the chair. Once they are out, the only thing left is the two vertical bars (one on each side) that houses the tracks that the slats slide into. Hopefully that makes sense.
But bottom line, you have FULL ACCESS. So no need to worry about bleaching the wood. Everything about this chair is quality. I bought the cheaper version, not the stainless - can't remember what they called the finish but it was about $200 cheaper than the more expensive version and I'm amazed out how nice it looks. Guess I'm not so much of a perfectionist when I'm saving money but still, I was worried a bit. I shouldn't have been. I'll post the picture of the shower with the chair again here.
Thanks so much for asking the question. If you hadn't of asked, I probably would have been struggling with this issue of cleaning eventually and now, my mind can be at ease.

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Really good to know that I could get back there if needed to scrub. This really looks lke a substantial chair.
Thanks again and enjoy yor great bathroom.

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