It's Honest Abe's Birthday

oldalgebraFebruary 12, 2011

I've found another reason to put off the valentine table.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lincoln Table

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Your RW&B t'scape certainly honors Abe Lincoln on his b'day. A really unique "eagle" presidential plate...great idea, OA! Love that used the Lincoln logs for part of your centerpc ... & books from your DH' library...both coming w/ a bit of history. Placesettings are very patriotic & the flatware is pretty cool. And I always love seeing your t'scapes...Valentine-y or NOT! TFS! Jeanne S.

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OA, Another beautiful creation. You put so much detail into your tables and they are always amazing. Your choice of dishes are wonderful. Love both sets of stems, napkins, and all the place mats you used. The lincoln logs and books are the best on here.

My younger Bro shares Lincoln's BDay and he has always thought it was pretty cool.


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You did Mr Lincoln proud OA!
I remember how moved I was as a child, after reading about his life and death...It's nice to see your wonderful tribute to him in this table.
Your 'creative juices' never cease! Wonderful fabrication of the 'Presidential Plate'..and the use of the Lincoln Logs is so clever. I like how everything ties together with the placemats/stems/napkins and S&Ps..Using DH's books as part of a 'backdrop' works nicely too.
I have a large collection of old books mainly American and English Literature and Walt Whitman is one of my favorite poets - I loved that you used his poem as your introduction.

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OA Once again a great table!! You put so much thought into every one you do. loved it.

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I cannot tell a lie, this is a wonderful table! Honest!! LOL

I like the poetry with the books, the cabin, your presidential china, your total creativity!

Isn't it amazing that his assassination wasn't even headline news back then??

You are exhibiting classic avoidance symptoms about that other "day." LOL Whats up with that??

Anyway, great job on the Lincoln table. What are you doing for Washington's b-day?


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I'm really enjoying all your creativity in avoiding the expected Valentine's table! LOL

Love that you built a log cabin and the books are so perfect too. Really like your napkins with the stars on them, and the handles on the silverware are neat too. It all looks just great OA.


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