Need to Make Holes for License Plate

choufleurNovember 15, 2005

Was involved in an auto accident where the front end of my car was torn off. Was too traumatized to collect my license plate from the rumble. Repaired front end has no holes for license plate. Please advise what tool would be best for making the holes. Thanks.

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Is this a DIY thing ?
If not, the body shop should provide you with the holes and the bracket, and the old plate.
Demand nothing less.

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Do you have a plate to install. Your post indicates that you didn't recover it from the wreck?

What kind of car?

If there are no holes in the repaired nose, there may be a factory plate mount that attaches. The body shop should have done this for you.

Otherwise, I concur with Jason, get a drill.

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I gather that the State of Maryland requires two plates on your vehicle, front and rear. If you do not know, contact your Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles and they will tell you. If so, you need both plates. If you did not recover the front place you lost then you need probably get two new replacement plates. If you get the front plate either way, and do not have the holes to mount it, then like the other posts in this thread have gotta drill it.


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I'd suggest a Sawzall. A tube of Liquid Nails might work too and would not require any holes. Either way, be sure to post some pics of the final result.

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Most "rubber" bumpers come with little indents that are properly spaced where the holes are to be drilled (if desired). It should take about 5 seconds to drill these out but make sure you use a correctly sized bit for the bolts.

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Some require a bracket. If yours does, get it. If it just screws into the front bumber, like TomH says, sometimes theres markers where to attach. Another option is self tapping screws. That's how a lot of em were mounted on new gm products in the late 70's. I know, I put on a million of them.

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Nothing confusing at all, So-Cal..
Just learn to read and lol...

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**That has got to be the most confusing answer to a question that I've ever seen . Should they go back to the Body Shop and DEMAND a box of Liscense Plate HOLES ?**

Not so confusing. The car was wrecked. The body shop didn't finish the job. The body shop should have provided and installed all the parts in the first place. Do you go to a shop so you can do it yourself, plus provide your own parts anyway?

If you do, come to my house so you can pay me while you do your own work...and pay me for parts I didn't provide.

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