Cracked windshield

kashka_katNovember 12, 2007

I have an opportunity to get a really great beater car for a good price (free). It has a cracked windshield. Is this dangerous to drive?

Whats a good economical way to fix or replace it?


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Depending on your state's licensing and inspection laws, you may not be able to register it with a cracked windshield. I'd be surprised if you could. It cost my daughter less than $300 for a new windshield for her Honda Civic. Of course some run more. If the crack is small it may be repairable, but make sure that it will pass inspection if repaired. Call the big auto glass places and get a quote. Consider that to be the price of the car, then decide if it's still worth it.

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Most of our cars cost about $150-$175 to have new windshield installed. Shop around. Sometimes they have coupons. Try to haggle also. You might be able to get them down if you quote competitor's price.

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