'Sweating' Radiator & Heater Hoses

buckyNovember 5, 2010

Hi Guys: I have an old restored 56 Ford with the 312 Y Block Engine. The top rad hose and inlet heater hose have developed a shiny wet substance on the top side of the rubber that has me wondering. I clean it off and a few weeks later, its back again. Its more than just water. Its a little bit tacky but cleans off easily with a rag. I was thinking the hoses had just deteriorated due to age but checked my service records and they are only about 6 years old. As its an old classic the car is not driven much and is stored over the winters. Is this just condensation or are the hoses just going bad or what? I've had a zillion cars over the years and this is the first time I've encountered this. Whadayathinkfellas?

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The hoses are rotting. Remember that engine has a very old PVC system. Not that good. fumes and oil that do not get sucked up build up under the hood and collect on everything and rot rubber. The hoses are weeping also.

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actually that engine has no PCV system. It has a road draft tube. Forgot.

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Kalining: The car does have a pcv system but your statement is correct. The engine was originally manufacturered in 56 with a road draft tube. Its been retrofitted with a rudimentary pcv system as an upgrade when the engine was rebuilt some years ago. Thanks a lot for the response. New hoses are on order for spring install.

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