leak in exhaust crossover pipe -'98 Town & Ctry

mary_228November 7, 2005

After complaining about the exhaust smell in my car for the past several months, I got my mechanic to take a ride with me to see if he could locate it. After two minutes of looking, he saw it on the underside of the exhaust crossover pipe that connects the two manifolds.

The price for the part from the dealer is $500 ($400 to my mechanic)! After checking to see if it was avail aftermarket (it's not), he's going to check junk yards. I suggested a piece of duct tape, but he tells me that will melt!

This is a narrow, flexible pipe about 12" long. $500? Any thoughts?

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The flex portion of the exhaust pipe is what makes it expensive.
Go with the factory part, cheaper in the long run; what is more important, your wallet or your smell of possible carbon monoxide ??
And the economical to operate car disappeared with the Ford Model T and the VW bug..

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earthworm: How about some of that stuff that they use on mufflers? Would that hold up? That can certainly handle the heat.

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Maybe, depending where the leak is and the soundness of the structure, maybe welding, at a good exhaust place would work..
The patch, if well done - maybe a week .....
The Honda exhaust leaked at the flex pipe - the price is shocking ! And the labor is worse !! I was thinking of using a used one, but I think this is poor economy..

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Some of the flexible sections have been duplicated in the aftermarket, and designed so that the flexible section can be cut out of the original pipe, and then a new one welded in. Due to the nature of this work, its recommended that an exhaust system specialist be contacted to see if there is a repair part available for your car. Otherwise, don't waste time and money on a used part because it's going to fail the same way the original has. Replace it with a new one from the dealer.

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I appreciate all of your advice. My mechanic has assured me that his welded repair will be as "good" as a new part, so that's what I'll do ($200 vs $625).

The repair isn't scheduled until 11/21, so if there are any other avenues I should explore in the meantime, I'd be open to suggestions.

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Keep the windows cracked in the meantime...

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