Oldsmobile Alero opinions

vacuumfreakNovember 19, 2005

Hello all! The only car I have ever wanted is an Olds Alero. I have always had Toyotas and been impressed with the quality. Right now, as an emergency car I have an 87 Olds Ciera, which I hate. Base model, mechanical problems. I love the looks of the Alero. Personally, I think GM should have stopped the production of Buick instead of Olds, but that's another topic. Just wondering if any of you have and Alero experience/advice. I have heard some pretty bad things as far as mechanical and interior quality issues about them. I am planning to save up the cash and spend about $ 3-5000 on one. I'm a struggling college student with a full time job, so I can't afford to buy something that is going to fall apart the second I purchase it. I know it's like the Grand Am, but looks better. Thanks for any opinions!

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Since you have not heard from any Alero owners, I'll just say that I do know one person who owns one and he has said that he likes it. His has about 90,000 miles on it, I think I recall him saying, and he has not had any major problems.

I think with any used car you're buying a specific car and its history more than a make and model. If you want an Alero, look for a good one that's obviously been well cared for, have a trustworthy mechanic take a look at it, get a CarFax or other similar report on it, and if everything seems to check out, get it.

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I have a 2000 Alero. I like it a lot. It's easy to handle, good aceleration, comfortable drivers seat. We have not had any trouble with it. We have driven it on the Interstates, and like a lot of small cars, you can feel the big rigs going by, but the car still handles well. So far, no problems at all. the one thing that is a bother is that the dash slopes so much that you can't put anything on it and it doesn't have but one cup holder up front. So a passenger has to hold his drink as he eats or rides. A very minor problem.

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Vacuumfreak, check out eBay Motors and search for the Alero..I think this is interesting and informative...

GM was wrong to cut Oldsmobile, their problems were caused by people not doing their jobs properly, including our federal government..

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My nephew has an Alero and has put 140,000 miles on it in 4 years. I don't think he's had any major problems. A friend of mine at work also has one. He likes it a lot and said he would buy another one. Since they quit making them, he said he'd have to buy a Grand Prix. I might mention that he's extremely tall too. My impression is that they are good cars. I have also known a lot of people who have big problems with GM cars. Air conditioning seems to be a problem with them, for example. I used to be a die hard GM person and I always hated Fords. Now I've had two Ford's that were extremely good cars. I think I'd probably buy another Ford before a GM personally.

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