98 S-10 Radio Wiring?

candlerNovember 12, 2005

I bought a repossessed 1998 Chev 4WD. No radio - just a hole. I assumed the prior owner took out the original. I bought a junk yard replacement with the gang plug for $35. I examined the existing truck radio wiring. It had eleven which was the number coming from the plug. But, not all wiring colors matched. For example, I have one green with the plug but three greens in the truck. Would you suppose the entire wiring assembly has been replaced? Do you happen to know where on the Net I could find the wiring setup so I can tell for sure. Thanks, Gene

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Try your local library. If they subscribe to an on-line auto repair manual site or similar, you may be able to access the wiring pages you need and print out.

If you are lucky, the library may have a manual for your vehicle, but don't expect to find a specific manual for just your model. More likely, it'll be a general type, like Motor's Manual, etc., that covers a range of vehicles. Such manuals may not be detailed enough to identify the color code of all the wires of an accessory.

You could buy a repair manual available at auto parts stores. But before you buy, check to see if it has the information your seek. A manual is a good investment if you plan to do your own maintence and incidental repair work.

And, if you are really lucky, someone on this forum has the information and will share the same with you.

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It never occurs to me to check the library. I guess because it's in downtown Asheville and parking is not that easy. They do have branch locations and one is within a few miles of me. Maybe I can puruse their card file and if I find one that might offer information that branch could get it for me. I had someone tell me General Motors 12V supply is usually purple with the ground being black. If this is true then someone did some significant wire changing. I have a purple-white but it is the most thin wire in the assembly. The largest wire is a blue. I guess from this you see why I need help. Thanks, gain. Gene

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you might also try ZR2.com

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