Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey ... Val T'scape

jeannespinesFebruary 7, 2013

Set a Valentine t'scape last night & took a few pics ... red & white ...those are the colors but then I decided to use a couple 'Baileys' cups ... cause they are so-o-o- sweet...perfect for Val Day!

...and the pretty stemware that I got from my Mom dating way back when:

See 'Dollbaby' is enjoying the evening, too! Here's a placesetting of the dinnerplate ('Everyday' white porcelain by Fritz/Floyd, I think...that was back a few yrs ago when you 'Holiday-ers' convinced me by example that everyone needs 'white dinnerplates' at times! LOL)

The nowflake "Home" salad plate is a after Christmas sale find a few yrs back & the red bowl is Sonoma American Heritage (now my everyday dishes). The napkins are thrift shop finds & cute little red clip-on 'love'birds for the rings ...they usually reside on my 'vine tree.'

Full view:

Don't know if you saw this backside of kitchen cupboard (I had added pics to my old post on Val decor) ...but here it is...

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Here's a heavy duty vine heart wreath I bought @local non-profit store that benefits laborers in other countries ... I wrapped some red braid around it & hung it on the backside of kitchen cupboard (across the room from the buffet)in dining room. I like it ...but would like to find some 'burlap' ribbon & maybe do some words or heart-stamping on it for the wreath.

And I printed some old valentines from a book I have ... & added to that mirrored wall hanger ... it's new a couple yrs ago & I love changing out the decor in it!

Celebrate February, Holiday-ers!TFLookin! Jeanne S.


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Jeanne, your Valentine t'scape is amazing. Perfect time to use your DM's stems. Dollybaby looks pretty real and like she's enjoy everything. Your cp is so pretty w/kids vase and raindrop roses on top of the heart cloth with sprays. I agree your'Baileys' cups ... are so-o-o- sweet...perfect for Val Day! I passed up some of those cups and I'm pretty sure it was because they wanted more than I was willing to pay at the time.

Yep, we all need white dishes to use w/ts. I own 4 or 5 now. I'm thinking your snowflake "Home" salad plates were such a great choice for you. I'd buy them too if they were at the right price. Love them with your Winterfrost dishes too.

'Love birds' as napkins rings peaking out of the bowls is so cute. I enjoyed seeing your back of the cupboard decorated. Love the idea of stamped burlap. Wouldn't it be neat to use red burlap and stamp it?

So glad you shared old pics and valentines. Inspires me to want to go find my other old ones. Too late tonight but maybe I will find time this weekend to do more searching.

Thanks for posting your ts and more. Was fun to kick back and enjoy.


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Jeanne, Bill Bailey will surely come home to sit at this sweet table!
The stemware you got from your is lovely.
We all do need white dishes. It is perfect for your table.
The 'love' birds are adorable napkin rings.
I can tell by her smile that Dollbaby is enjoying the evening.

I love that you decorate the back of kitchen cuboard.
The wreath would look nice with a burlap ribbon. Love the mirror.
It must be fun to change it out for the different seasons.
Would it be possible to see a close up of the photo?

February is such a busy month So many Holidays so close together.


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nana ... I bought that 5x7 framed pic of a couple girls posing on a sled ... it's not old but I bought it @a consignment shop a few yrs back & loved the photo! Looks like it's B&W photo w/colored pencil tints in a few places...nope, not old or valuable, but loved! :-) Jeanne

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Heat up that coffee 'Mama' Jeanne,
Bill Bailey is on his way home !!
Love those cups, they're so cute and cheery at your table!
All your wonderful 'dish finds' along with your lovely
stemware, has created a lovely setting. I'm partial to
red, and my DGKids always say 'that's GMa's favorite color'!
So you know I'm loving all your red accents. YOur little
love birds clipped to the napkins look so cute inside the bowls.
I remember your snowflake plates and loved the pattern first time you showed them .
I guess we've ALL found the importance of owning several white
dinnerware sets. Yep most definitely a 'Main Staple'
in tablescaping!
Your mirror always looks so nice with the added seasonal touches... I agree, it's nice that you decorate the back of your cupboard for that 'extra touch too' !
Too bad the 3 'girly girls' (yours/Karen's & Punk's) couldn't get together to enjoy a Valentine Tea together..
that would be fun to see!
Thanks for sharing Jeanne..loved looking

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I had to look up Bailey's cups because I didn't know what they were. They are awfully sweet and perfect for a table celebrating love. Your mirror hanging is wonderful. Was that an antique store find?

Speaking of white, I just gave away my large set of Johnson Brothers Heritage White because I wanted to force myself use my dishes with color. That ploy has worked, but I miss my white dishes when I want to use certain table linens.

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You've been a busy bee with the Val decorating. ;o)
Pretty tablesetting, I especially like the little red birds in the bowls!

That picture of the girls sledding sure looks old. Neat find. Everything looks sweet and festive.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, thank you for the close up of the photo.
It really is adorable.

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It is all so perfect.
I love that sledding photo!
Beautiful stemware and the "lovebirds" are just the right touch.
Perfectly "Lovely."

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