Exhaust is rusty

joe_mnNovember 1, 2012

99 grand prix. Dual mufflers. Entire exhaust is shot. Resonator and muffs all have rust holes. Shop wanted 700 for new system. So I got a nice single muff system at junkyard for $12. Already on ground. Only had to pick it up. The bolts at rear of cat were rusty on my car. Junkyard car system was nice. Must of been an out of state car. Had shop weld on flange for $40. New system is so quiet. Yes, intrigue has same 3.8 motor, same yr car too. Shop said a similar intrigue new single muff system would be 500. But lifetime warranty. Haha. Car will be gone in 1 yr anyway.

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My point was I could not find a replacement "quiet" muff for the car. Seems only the single muff cars like regal,intrigue have quiet flow muffs. Shop said even new grand prix muffs are noisy. So I found a good single muff system. Even new parts would have been only 200 but I like to save money. Those darn rusty bolts messed up my plans.

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