leaking expansion tank on vw beetle

rabbit8November 4, 2009

At the local vw dealership, they removed my expansion tank due to coolant light being on and they reinstall it. Is it normal for them to do this if the coolant light comes on. Are they suppose to replace it with a new one? I have a 2006 vw beetle.

Two days ago, there was no coolant in the tank at all and the red triangle light kept coming on. Should they replace the expansion tank I have now with a new one since my car is still under warranty? Please help me. I'm a female and don't want to be taken advantage of. Thank in advance for helping me.

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Rabbit. The best way to help you with this is to try and get you to communicate with the dealership personnel better. Based on what I see from both of your posts, I don't believe that you have a complete and accurate accounting of what is going on with your car.

The dealership service advisers actually take classes to assist them when dealing with a customer that will take the position of a victim, or potential victim as your sentence "Please help me. I'm a female and don't want to be taken advantage of." actually implies. Do you want to know how much of an issue this is? Years ago I had a young woman take this position when I was talking to her, and I realized not only was she not listening to what I was explaining, she truly didn't understand any of it anyway. I asked her if she had someone in her family that could come down and help me explain what we need to do and why, maybe her dad or a brother, or a boyfriend? That was totally meant to be a supportive suggestion to help her, and she complained to the office about it and caused me grief, because I cared about helping her be comfortable about what her car needed. She totally manipulated my intenions to help her as sexist. Her perception, and my reality could not have been further apart. Or maybe she was simply looking for someone else to be made a victim of, and I was available and exposed.

Today, here in my shop. If I sense that communication is failing, and cannot ever be complete, then I hand the customer their keys and send them down the road. The dealership cannot do that as easily as I can, even when situations arrise where they should.

So, get the emotion out of the conversation, and talk to the service advisers until you genuinely understand what they have to do to your car. It's a machine, and machines break, and require servicing. Empower yourself to learn more about your car, not knowing about machines isn't a gender thing, its a choice. One of the brightest technician, shop owners that I know is Carolyn C. in California. Her shop is making a big hit over there modifying the Toyota Prius (and other models) to be a "Plug In" Hybrids.

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