Replacing computer (Honda (Odyessey)

jim_w_nyNovember 20, 2009

I know that going to the dealer is the way to go but I'm sure it would cost close to a $1,000. How about using a remanufactered computer and a local repair shop??

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It's going to cost close to $1000 no matter where you go to have this done. There are very few options when it comes to Honda computers other than purchase it from the dealer. Plus, when it comes to programming the immobilizer system in it, only the most advanced independent shops have stepped up and made the investment to have the factory scan tool for Honda vehicles, (Terradyne) plus have access to SDRM, (Secure Data Resource) if required to perform the programming. Now many of the older Honda vehicles had a different routine that calculated a rolling code to allow the immobilizer system to be programmed, but because of security risks, newer designs went away from that approach. A Honda aftermarket specialist is likely to have the technical skills and support to replace the PCM for you, but before we get that far, why do you believe that you need a new PCM?

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