Anti Leak Oil additives, are they ok?

vgkgNovember 10, 2008

Hi there,

My 1998 Dodge Caravan had an oil leak that cost me $1000 to fix (Head Gasket) a couple of years ago. Now it appears that the bottom gasket is leaking and I really don't want to replace it because this van will soon be going into semi-retirement and only used on occasion to haul stuff (all rear seats removed). While it's parked I can collect any oil leakage in a pan (slow drips) but I'm wondering if an anti-leak oil additive would help? I don't want to cause more harm than good if possible engine or oil pump damage might result over time. Any recommendations on what if any brand name product might help?

Many Thanks for your insights!

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You are doing the right thing with your approach. Catch the leak to prevent a mess/pollution. Add as required to protect the engine. Do NOT use a stop leak additive IMO. If the leak starts to get bad enough, or is in a location where it could ignite from exhaust heat, then have it repaired correctly.

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Anti leak oil additives are TEMPORARY only and then you
throw the car away. They actually swell up and partially
desolve the gasket material stopping the leak. If all the
crap out there as in " rebuild an engine in a can " did work why are all the engine rebuilders stil in buisness and
doing very well? If you ever use a stop leak additive in a
car's A.C. there is a warning on the can. " All A.C.
warranty is void if a stop leak is used. " Remember the
B.S.A. or Triumph motorcycle ? Put S.T.P. in the oil and see what happends. You make sure you park those bikes over
a drip tray if you did. You wouldn't make it to the vendor
and back before your crankcase dripped dry. You will forget to check the oil one day on your van and run her dry. Now you need an engine.

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Thank you both, I'll keep her parked over a pan and add oil as needed. It's a very slow drip, nothing serious, far less than a qt per 6 months.

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