AitFilter Change = Increased Consumption?

andyfNovember 27, 2006

Has anyone heard of mfg defects in air filters. What I mean is increased air resistance.?

As soon has I changed my Toyota air filter on my Echo w/40000Km with a Fram, I got an increase in consumption. THought about it for a long time,and that's the only thing I did. Checked to see if I pulled out vacuum tube or something, and everything's OK.

Car is just has responsive and zippy as ever, power is instantaneous and no loss, starts quick has ever.

Can't figure it.


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I have had one case of air filter problem. It was on a smaller Honda motorcycle. After the air filter was changed, there was a loss of power at times and this would happen after 10 miles of riding. It was traced to a high filtration filter (filter media was finer than average). The clue came when it was noticed there was no problem on a clear day, but appeared when the weather was damp or high in humidity. The filter was taking on moisture and swelling shut. When the cycle sat at home in the garage for several days, the filter dried out and the problem disappeared.

Most filter media have moisture proofing treatment. If this is missing, the filter element will swell and reduce its pores.

I have no idea if this is related to your observation, but mention it for interest.

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