Problem changing brake pads (99 Ford Tauras SE)

LEEHNovember 9, 2009

Well I just bought this 1999 Ford Tauras SE on ebay for $2,200. It needed its brak pads replaced so I found a couple buddies that said they knew what they were doing and they did to some extent but now that everything is put back together the brakes do not work and there is a hissing noise coming from the engine. I do not think we bled the lines correctly as we did not pump the brakes while we were doing it. We just kind of let it pour out. Perhaps there is an air bubble somewhere in the brake lines? I don't know much about this and I was wondering if anyone on here did and could help me out.

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If your replacing brake pads why did you need to bleed the
system ? Your hissing sound is probably a vacuum leak at the brake booster.

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