Solid Shower receptors.

palimpsestMarch 31, 2012

Does anybody use solid shower receptors anymore, (on Gardenweb, anyway)?

In my next house, there is a brand-new, terribly done bathroom (as in tile on green drywall, no waterproofing; probably tile on plywood underlayment).

I want to redo both bathrooms (one will have a bathtub) and add a bathroom in the basement. Companies that make terrazzo shower pans and companies like Swanstone and Americh all make a large variety of shower receptors, but most people seem to be doing tile shower floors.

The house is 1963, and I think a solid pan would look appropriate...but it seems like these are out of favor, at least around here. Comments?

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I'm not sure why they are out of favor, but they seem to be.

We put a solid one in our house. We went Kohler Cast iron. I personally think it rocks.

I would have considered terrazzo, or some of the others, to me it is all in the feel and followed by cost. I want something solid! I don't really like the fiberglass ones as much, I know they should be installed with a bed of cement/morter, but they still can feel flimsy sometimes.

I also, for some reason, have an aversion to tile pans, I've seen so many grimey ones (old, not new ones) that have made me a little averse.

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We used one of those rockin' Kohler cast iron receptors in our guest bathroom! It's terrific! Solid and very stable underfoot (we used that shower exclusively during our main bathrooms' renovations), and it has no-slip grips which was something that was an absolute must-have for us.

IMHO, it looks good, too. Here are some pics:

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We used a one piece Americh shower pan-it feels solid and is easy to keep clean.

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If it's not going to be a deck mud and tile base, I prefer the Kohler Cast Iron receptors.

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I hope to use a Kohler cast iron shower pan too, with my next bath remodel next year. I wished they made a neoangle.

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For anyone on the verge of buying a Kohler cast iron (which I love!!), Home Depot is having a 20% off sale on all Kohler products right now. Makes a major dent in that price.

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Jack Kennedy

I think the reason why people are not doing the solid bases is the size of their showers. Everyone wants a huge walk in shower. We currently have one of those huge walk in showers and it is the biggest pain to clean. We are in the process of planning a redo on that bath and we are reducing the size of our shower so we can have a kohler cast iron shower pan.

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The showers I am planning are along the lines of a 64" x 32" universal access in the basement and a 32" x 36"-42" stall in the second upstairs bathroom. This is a small house with 24" doors into the bathrooms and I am going to juggle a bit to get better entry and a bit more room but these are still going to be very compact, one-person baths.

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We are purchasing the Kohler shower base ... It's on back order at our local plumbing supply places. We has a swanstone base before (previous home) and liked it, but I really like the feel of cast iron underfoor.

Solid shower bases are not pass�, at least not to me :)

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that's what I'd want if redoing a shower.

cat mom - that's a beautiful shower!

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I LOVE the cast iron base...but we had a hard time even finding one on display. When we did find one, DH decided he really wants tile:( And we would have to reconfigure the size of the shower in order to accommodate the sizes Kohler offers. So we are going with tile...

I think cast iron is super easy to keep clean, which is a plus for me. Go for it if you can make it fit!

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Thank you desertsteph! We are very happy with how it turned out!

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Shower receptor pans still very common. In all sorts of materials too - terrazzo, acrylic, fiberglass, various solid surface materials, etc. Get one with the drain somewhere other than the center, so your feet won't be standing on it which is always uncomfortable; edge drain is best. Only real disadvantage is you're limited to the available sizes, whereas tile can be any size you want.

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I'd do a solid receptor (esp. the Kohler cast iron -- I loved it in a high-end show house, with gorgeous tile walls) in a second for our 3/4 bath...but as enduring mentioned, they don't make a neoangle. Kept trying to change the layout to accomodate the Purist cast iron (the look is the closest to the general idea of the room), but it didn't work. I'd use either cast iron or terrazzo, although terrazzo is a definite look and needs support in the rest of the room IMO.

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I know what you mean, flyleft. I finally revised the floorplan to opt for the 3x4' Kohler base instead of the neo-angle I orginally planned. I HOPE it will save some money on both labor and the glass required for the 2 open walls. And I know I'll love how it feels!

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I'm happy for you matter about the money, I bet you'll love your choice for years to come. I *wish* there were a way we could do the same thing, but this is just a very tiny 3/4 guest bath (our powder room with a shower) and it just won't fit : (. *sigh* I don't even like neoangles.

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I was so excited when I received my Kohler Kathryn cast iron shower receptor until I learned it was made in China!!! But if you visit Kohler's webpage, they indicate all their cast iron products are made in Wisconsin. I sent back the pan. Everything I've ever purchased that was made in China didn't last. The shower pan looked great but I'm sure in one year, the finish will start failing. Has anyone else experience the "Made in China" with great success with more than a few years?

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Our shower receptor has been in for 4 or 5 years and looks as good as new--no issues with the finish. It's in our guest bathroom, so isn't in daily use, though we did use it exclusively for 6 or so months while renovating our other bathrooms, and it used for a few weeks each year at the very least by my parents when they come for a visit.

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