KitchenAid Dishwasher Door is Locked... Help!!

ronakaMarch 3, 2012

The handle to open the door has somehow broken, and it does not seem possible to open the door. It is about 10 years old, high end model with a bull nose front to cover the catch/handle. Has anyone run into this, or have any thoughts on how to least destructively get this thing open? Our dishes are inside!

I've kind of written it off, and will replace it with a new Bosch, but I have to get it out from under the counter, and would like to get our dishes out. I can't get at the screws at the top unless I can get the door open. The plastic handle is still in there, but it is hard to see and just flops around and does not seem to catch on anything.

So far I have not thought of anything other than a big hammer and pry bar...

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If you are going to dispose of the unit anyway, damage is not an issue, so long as the damage doesn't wreck the dishes. Without any idea what this dishwasher really looks like, I might consider from here using a Sonic Crafter with metal cutting blade to slice out some of the door skin so I could see what to pull on to open the latch. Alternatively, and maybe even first, a few view ports made with a hole saw might make the job easier, and might be sufficient in themselves.

Of course, a repairman who has been inside such doors before would have a better idea where to drill.


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As Sandy (Breenthumb) posted in the other thread I gave this a go this PM with a long screwdriver. I pushed the plastic handle as far as I could to the left, and then poked the screwdriver as straight up as I could toward a point 1/2" to the right of the center of the dishwasher door. At the same time I pulled out on the door with my left hand. Guess what? It quite easily opened after about 5 minutes of poking around.

I washed the dishes that were inside (for a couple of days now) and then brilliantly closed the door again. So I got to try a second time, and it was even easier.

While I have written this thing off, I thought I should look inside the door to see what went wrong. All you have to do is remove the top 4 Torx screws from the stainless panel inside the door. The plastic bullnose pulls off once you reach inside to undo the electronics connection. I did pull the power breaker before starting the poking around bit.

As it turns out there is about a 3" wide plastic part in the center at the top that you push up on to release the door. It is quite large so releasing it with a screwdriver is highly probable. Hard to miss it.

The plastic door handle which is item #9 in the drawing at the link below, holds the release rod (item #5) had the small plastic clips broken which held the release rod in place. It fell loose and that it why it was not working. I think it could be repaired by replacing that ridiculusly priced $48 piece of plastic. The control panel itself (item #1) was cracked too in the area of the handle, but I think you could repair that with epoxy and some fiberglass.

So thanks to Sandy for the suggestion, and I hope this helps anyone who has the same problem and finds this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: KUDS24SEWH4 Parts By Section

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