Relative costs of siding: cedar shingle, clapboard, Hardiplank?

staceyneilFebruary 2, 2009

In a perfect world I would love to see oil-stained cedar shingles on our house reno, but the budget is so tight that if we can't trim it, we can't afford to do it this year.

I know I can get prices from the lumberyard, but off the top of your head, do you know what the least expensive siding is (not vinyl or aluminum, though)? We used pine clapboards (painted) on a previous old-house reno -to match existing- and that was fairly cheap if I recall.... but I have no idea how it compares to the other options. Anyone priced these out lately? I am in New England...


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I haven't priced anything out to compare, but I wanted to tell you to keep in mind ongoing maintenance. Properly installed, hardieplank will hold a paint job for far far longer than pine or cedar. Our eaves and roofline trim are pine and are in need of their 4th paint job on a 10 year old house. A paint job (properly done, with scraping sanding, and priming), only lasts about 3 years before it starts to crack and peel. Our Hardieplank is going on 3+ years now and looks like it was painted yesterday. We were told to expect at least 12-15 years out of the Hardie before it will need repainting.

Considering it cost us $10K to paint the hardieplank and a couple grand every time we need the roof trim painted, be sure to keep in mind the long-term performance, and not just the upfront difference. The price difference between Hardie and pine clapboard will be more than made up after you've had to paint the pine a couple times.

Good luck!

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there isnt much diff in the material cost. the cost is in the labor and they all install about the same. you may as well go cementboard if you will not go down to vinyl where there would be real savings.

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on my build here in Asheville NC hardie siding was about $.85 a sqft but the hardie shakes were about $5.00 a sqft. My builder said that the hardie shakes were about the same cost as the cedar shakes, but the cost to install the cedar was about twice the price since they are individual shakes whereas you can get sheets of hardie shakes.

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