Bathroom Lighting - 2 or 3 light sconce?

zoey75March 1, 2013

I need to finish the lighting in my master bathroom. We have a mirror hung over each sink. Mirrors are 26" each We are haning a sconce over each mirror.

Should I go with a 2 light sconce that is 14 15/16"W or a 3 light sconce that is 23"W?

And do we hang the sconces facing up or down? They can go either way.

Are there any rules for this stuff? Thanks so much!!!

The sconces are Kohler Devonshire.

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Lighting on the side of the face is often a better choice, if you're able. It cast less shadows; easier to put makeup on by. If you put a 2 light fixture above each mirror it probably would be enough, depending on the wattage it can take. I have a sconce on either side of my 21x33 oval mirror, a bit smaller than yours. It is enough lighting. I use 100 watt bulbs in them and I can dim them. My over all size of my bathroom is 6.5x9.5 and lots of light colors & reflective tile surfaces. These 2 lights are all I use for lighting. If I had darker materials in there I might need more lighting than this.

I face mine up so I don't have to look at the bulb.

I think the 2 vs 3 would be a personal style issue. What looks better. I think either would work.

You could do a search on Houzz and look at all kinds of sconce pictures.

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I would do 3 sconces too. I have that in my master bathroom and it provides ample lighting, it looks quite nice too.

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You mention you were putting in Kohler Devonshire 2 or 3 sconce lighting. I currently am thinking of doing the same in my bathroom. Do you have a finished pic? I would love to see it. Thanks, Grace76

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Hi Grace,

We did purchase Kohler Devonshire 2 sconce lighting for our master bath. But they are still sitting in a box. I am hoping my DH will get to it soon. I will gladly share a picture when they are up.


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Grace76 - Here is a pictures of the Kohler Devonshire 2 sconce lighting, better late than never :) We just got them up this week.

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If walls are still open, would definitely mount sconces on each side of each mirror, not above. Lights should be at or just above eye-level. Dimmers for sure.

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I vote 3 sconces left-middle-right

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I just realized you posted the pics of your lights. I love your bathroom! Especially the mirrors and double sconce Devonshire lights. I think the double sconce lights are perfect considering you have two mirrors side by side, the triple would have been too much. Great choice! Thanks so much for posting your pics. Grace76

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The lights look great, and I would also place them face down as you did, mainly because if they're face up, dust accumulates inside the fixture. I think I've mentioned in previous posts that I am not the world's most diligent housekeeper. :-)

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Thank you! There is a wall (with no room for a sconce) and window next to the right mirror, so we could not do the 3 sconces on the sides next to the mirrors. And I agree facedown = less dust :)

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