2006 RAV Oil Flickers

andrelaplume2November 29, 2011

We have a 2006 Toyota Rav 4 cylinder awd car with about 80K miles. Oil changes are performed at the dealer or by our local guy (been going to them for 15+ years). Oil changes are perfirmed every 3 months.

My wife claims to have seen the oil light flicker several times over the past 2 weeks. The oil looks clean and appears full. The car is covered under a 7/100K b2b warranty so we should get it looked at I suppose....just curious what the hack could cause that...I drove it a few times and noticed nothing...

Does the dealer charge to diagnose this if you have a warranty....and what can they even check if the light is not on?

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There could be more than one thing that casues the oil light to flicker. The 2 main ones are a failing pressure sensor, or the oil pressure actually goes low.

To answer this question, the technican will attach a certified pressure gage to the system and look at the pressure at various RPMs. (A port may exist for a pressure gage, but in many cases, the sensor is removed and the pressure gage attached to its port.) This may uncover a fibbing pressure sensor.

This test does not take very long. I'd expect to pay at least 1/2 hr of shop time, or more if the diagnosis becomes more than something simple.

Depending on what the warranty covers, it may cover the replacement of a failed oil pressure sensor.

Oil pressure sensors can get ruined in very cold weather, say 0 deg F. On a cold start with stiff oil, the pressure against the sensor can be much greater than normal. Supposedly, the sensor has internal stops to protect the unit, but I've seen over-pressure deform internal parts and de-calibrate the unit. In severe cases, the diaphram cracks and the sensor begins to leak.

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thanks, weird thing is the temp has been in the 50's here in PA...weird for this time of year but not complaining....

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The temperature in PA will drop before December is over - guaranteed.

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