Does anyone work for GM???

berkNovember 30, 2007

I am trying despertely to find someone who works for General Motors.

We have bought a new ton truck and a man was going to give us a employee discount and now that the truck has came in he has backed out and I know no one else around here to get this employee discount from. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

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**Does anyone work for GM???**

Yep, about one in four ; )

What's the problem? That should have been finalized already. If not, the deals off. You don't have to buy it.

Offer invoice, maybe a couple hundred over. Bought our '98 Dodge using chryslers' employee discount formerly known as the green sheet program. Got it for invoice, no haggling. The no haggling was the real advantage. Others were getting the vehicle for the same price or close too it. They just had to fight for hours to get it is all. GM is probably similar but I don't know.

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I would imagine your friend realized that he could possibly lose his job if he got a GMS discount for someone who isn't eligible for it. Seems like a good reason to back out. On the other hand it shouldn't have been offered in the first place. So I am thinking that you gave them a deposit and now they have you over a barrel. If not walk away.

Good Luck

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i just purchased an 08 impala on fri. got the g.m. discount from a neighbor, he told me they were encoraged to give the discount to friends or family. it was the deciding point for me, if not for the discount i would have bought a hyundai sonata. good luck i dont think it shoud be that hard to get.

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Bill, did you get the GM Supplier and Friend discount or did you get the GMS discount. Gm is encouraging employes to pass along the GM Supplier and Friend discount not the GMS discount. GMS is only for eligible famlily members. And when you Obtain an Authorization number you have to check off what relation that person is to you. Hope you have good luck with your new Impala.


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Glad to see you bought a GM product Bill H never thought I would see the day.Nice Car

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hey jd thought you would like that. its not my 1st new g.m. product, but 1st new one in the last 15 yrs. will see how it works out. i expect it to be every bit as trouble free as my last 2 hyundais, if not it will be the last new g.m. product. at my age i only have about 2 more new cars in me. i dont know for sure on the dicount, i know it involved a code, then the dealer filled out some paper work and i signed it, and my neighbor had to sign it also. ??

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